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Want to Stay in Business for the Next 30 Years? 

Business is hard enough as it is, and navigating the millennial generation might be even harder. However, to stay in business you HAVE to figure out how to appeal to this younger market. They are the future of your business. You can implement these steps right away to start driving business from this complex market.


    1. Use eye catching graphics – Millennials are the most visual generation ever. You need something to catch their attention.
    2. Quality content – All the eye catching graphics in the world won’t matter if your post is boring. Find ways to relate to them through story telling or relatable content.

    3. Video – Even better than graphics is video, but find the balance. As a visual generation you’ll want to keep them interesting, entertaining and most importantly for your business – informative.

    4. Keep it short– The average reported attention span of millennials is 12 seconds, so if you are lucky enough to grab their attention, you might not have it for long. Grab their attention, entertain, inform and keep it short and sweet!