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How Being Inefficient Creates Customer Loyalty

In a world where everything is becoming automated, one thing hasn’t changed: The desire for human interaction. People want to interact with real people and create genuine relationships. While your competitor is automating everything, here are some easy ideas to create lasting customer loyalty


  • Create engaging, value packed information that BENEFITS the follower/viewer. Too many times businesses create content with ONLY the end goal of selling their product/service. This is not an effective way to grow a community of engaged followers around your business.


  • RESPONDING to their comments on Facebook/Google/etc. This also includes responding to both positive and negative reviews online. Rewarding customers who refer friends. This could be in the form of setting up a referral system, coupons to your business, and a number of other things!


  • Creating content that is RELEVANT and speaks to the problem that you are solving with your business. How are you improving the one viewers life with your product & service.


  • Hand written notes – When running a brick and mortar business you interact with customers constantly. You get to know them, and oftentimes get great insight into their life. Did a loved one just get sick? Try a hand written get well card. Big race coming up? How about a good luck card. When it comes time for them to need whatever service you provide, they’ll remember you.


  • Over the top customer service – When a customer walks in, do they feel like they just won the lottery? Well that’s how they should feel. Greeting them with a big smile and a genuine interest in them will go much further than you may think.


  • Providing extra perks – I like to call this one value stacking. Often times, a customer will be close, but need something to put them over the edge. Throwing in an extra bonus (whatever that may be for your business) often times does the trick. But even better than that, next time they need whatever you do – I promise they will remember.